About Us


A better world where everyone can have access to safe drinking water.


In a world where people are dying due to lack of safe drinking water, Oxidane Water Treatment products are the solution.

Oxidane (Pty) Ltd (Registration Number: 2016/012253/07) is a registered company dedicated to enabling all citizens of the world, in particular, citizens of third world countries, to have the basic human right of access to safe drinking water.

After intensive research and development, we have formulated and patented an innovative product, which is highly soluble, in powder form, cost effective, non-volatile, ozone and chlorine free.

With so many issues facing our scarce water supply, it is time that we recognize water as our most precious resource as soon as possible. Water borne disease is pandemic, it would seem the problem is insurmountable, but the good news is, that is no longer the case; it is not insurmountable because Oxidane has the solution to making safe, affordable, chlorine and ozone free drinking water available to all, yes even those forced to drink unsafe water from rivers and dams

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