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Oxidane Water Treatment Product – “ONCE” 

Here is the video of the Business Model slideshow Presentation (11 slides, 1min20sec)

In this video Maureen (CEO) and Grant (Tech Dir) talk about the product ONCE and its intended use… (3min07sec) Call for Investors.

ONCE wording - text size sml has been formulated within the South African National Standard for Drinking Water (SANS 241), therefore no element in the product compound exceeds the permitted levels of the standard.

It has been proven to sanitize contaminated water by reducing bacteria, viruses and protozoa rendering the treated water safe to drink. Water treated has no odor or unpleasant taste, making it palatable. It does not contain Chlorine, or Ozone therefore it cannot form disinfectant by-products (DBP) or chloramines.


It is undeniable that the benefits of disinfecting water, even if through chlorination, outweigh the potential risks incurred if water is not disinfected at all. However, there is a downside to Chlorine as spelled out in the WHO report below:

World Health Organization (WHO) Report on chlorine 

The taste and odour thresholds for chlorine in distilled water are 5 and 2 mg/litre, respectively. In air, chlorine has a pungent and disagreeable odour.

Major uses: Large amounts of chlorine are produced for use as disinfectants and bleach for both domestic and industrial purposes, and it is also widely used to disinfect drinking-water and swimming pool water and to control bacteria and odours in the food industry

Environmental fate In water, chlorine reacts to form hypochlorous acid and hypochlorites.

Chlorine can react with ammonia or amines in water to form chloramines.’

Chlorine is present in most disinfected drinking-water at concentrations of 0.2–1 mg/litre Estimated total exposure and relative contribution of drinking-water The major routes of exposure to chlorine are through drinking-water, food, and contact with items either bleached or disinfected with it.’

Reference: WHO/SDE/WSH/03.04/45 report.

Comparative tests with Oxidane Water Treatment product and chlorine

CLICK on image to open larger view of the official CSIR report. 

CLICK for Comparative graphs

A series of tests were conducted by submitting samples of contaminated water to South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) approved Laboratories for them to treat the submitted water samples. They analyzed the raw and treated water with Oxidane Water Treatment product and Chlorine comparatively.

Chlorine, was found to be considerably less effective than Oxidane because it decays very quickly, and does not sufficiently reduce ‘Chlorine resistant bacteria’.

Chlorine treated water also has a far greater chance of recontamination compared to Oxidane treated water.

Point of Use

Oxidane Water Treatment product is designed for, (but not limited to), easy point-of-use treatment of water drawn from contaminated rivers, boreholes, wells etc.
Initially tests were only conducted on raw water and after 60 minutes.
Subsequent tests were done at a series of short intervals. These results show that water treated with Oxidane and left to stand for only 10 minutes, showed significant reductions in E.coli (Bacteria) of 3.7 logs (or 99.9% reduction) and Clostridium perfringens (surrogate for protozoa) of 3.6 logs (or 99.9% reduction) and Coliphages (surrogate for viruses) was reduced from 630 cfu/10ml to zero (another CSIR report will be added shortly).

Oxidane Water Treatment product will be produced in sachets for economical production and cost effective transportation. A sachet of 1.5g (0.053 oz.) will purify 25 liters (6.604 gallons) of contaminated water, which equates to 60 mg/liter (0.008 oz. /gallon). It can also be packed in bulk for ‘Emergencies’ and ‘Disaster Areas’, according to requirements.

SUMMARY: Oxidane Water Treatment Product

  • It Is unique
  • It does not contain chlorine or ozone
  • Cannot form disinfectant by-products (DBP) or Chloramines
  • Is not volatile
  • Has no odour
  • Is palatable
  • Is stable
  • Is ideal for point of use treatment
  • Light, safe and easy to transport
  • It is cost effective
  • Can be produced in sachet form
  • Is available in bulk
  • Has multi-purpose use

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